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PT. Saison Modern Finance

  • Office

Menara Rajawali,
10th floor,
South Jakarta, 12950 Indonesia

  • Representative

Koji Yasunobe (President Director)
Donny Sutanto (Director)

  • Shareholders

Credit Saison Co., Ltd.
PT. Modern Internasional Tbk.

PT. Saison Modern Finance was founded in 2015, The company aims to expand its business channel into retail finance, which will grow along with the Indonesia economy, and eventually contribute to the growth of the country’s economy.

Vision & Mission


We, as a leading edge service company will contribute to the realization of the expectation of customers, business partners, employees, and the advancement of society.


Becoming a non-bank finance company that can constantly adapt to change.
We are striving for business model innovation.


Since its foundation in 1951, by issuing credit cards for more than 30 years, Credit Saison Co., Ltd. has established itself as the industry’s leading company, always consistent with its customer centered orientation and releasing products and services that are innovative and unconventional in the credit card industry.

PT. Modern Internasional Tbk. was founded in 1971. Since then, the company expanded its business as a sales agent for the photography developing business of Japanese manufacturers. Business activities include distribution, sales and retail.

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